scott baio is what??

I kind of hate to admit that I stayed up last night to watch the new reality show on VH1 - Scott Baio is 45...and Single.

I grew up watching Scott as Chachi Arcola every afternoon on Happy Days. I pulled his pictures out of my Tiger Beat and Teen Beat magazines and put them on my closet door. I practiced kissing those flat glossy lips with my girlfriends after school. Forget Joanie, I loved Chachi.

I still do, I guess. The premise of his life show is this: At 45, Scott is still single. He has dated lots of women over the years and is wondering why he has never committed to any of them. He hires a life coach and she starts him on a path to recovery - whatever that may be, we don't know yet.

The show is kind of silly and you can already see how one of his buddies has to go. I just enjoyed watching felt like seeing an old friend after a really long time. (I know...GEEK!) I really can't believe he is 45.

I guess that means I really am 36.


  1. No way! Scott Baio was mine!! Ha! This was so funny--I'll have to check out that show. He must have issues.
    Yep, I guess I need to accept my age too--I don't feel 38!

  2. I forgot all about that guy!!! Sounds like a fun show! i hope you keep updates on the show on your blog!

  3. LOL....Well, I watched the show right after it (Brett Michaels trying to find a woman) ROFL!


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