stone age

Well, $500.00 in van repair later and we hit the road this morning. I am now thankfully at my mom's and both kids are finally asleep. For some reason I cannot comment on blogger or read my emails. If you've emailed me, please be patient until I can get onto a computer from this decade. (heehee) This computer is actually pretty new but I think it has all the old versions of the browsers I'm trying. And, it's dial up. OMGosh dial up SUCKS.

We had a pretty good trip up. James basically watched the Cars movie on auto replay while Ruby napped, snacked, read books, screamed and played. Not too much screaming on her part, I was kind of surprised. We only stopped took us the standard 8 hours. We met my mom down at Canal Park when we arrived and the wind switched a couple minutes later, bringing a beautiful breeze along with it. It felt so good. (It's hot here right now.) Ruby had no fear of the lake so I will have to watch her carefully if I bring them down by myself, like I was hoping to do. There are some great areas by the Lakewalk with lots of pebbles to play in and throw. I love it. We are planning on going on a train ride with my Dad tomorrow.

I am off to bed! You may not see me in your comments or Inbox this week but I will be keeping up with you all. xo


  1. Hi Stephanie- I just saw a comment you made from awhile back..thanks for stopping by. You have a cool blog- I'll be back ;) Hope you had a good trip.


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