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I am just popping in to tell you how our morning went. Kelsey got here at 8:45 and we all liked her right away. Ruby refused to nap...just finally went down at noon. It figures this would happen today but it was okay because Kelsey just took them all downstairs to play. BLISS.

Patrick is home with a messed up back so I spent some time talking with him and then stayed upstairs, out of Ruby's view, and got all my laundry put away, dusted all of our bedrooms and changed the sheets on the kids' beds. I had coffee. I sat down and talked on the phone. Soooo nice. I was wanting to go down to the basement but didn't want to pass Ruby because she was being so good. Patrick said we can cut a hole under the sofa so I can push it aside and slide down a pole next time. HAHAHA. (He still has his sense of humor!) Actually, I will just plan ahead next time and bring stuff upstairs or just go down when she isn't looking so she won't be trying to get at me.

James LOVES having a babysitter, or play slave, as Patrick and I have dubbed her. At first it was all, "Hey babysitter, watch this!" or "Come on, my babysitter, let's go downstairs." He has now started calling her by her name. She totally plays with him...she taught him hide & seek and they played that forever, involving Ruby, too. At first James was counting, "one, two, three, ten!" (he can totally count to at least 15) and Patrick and I were upstairs thinking, "Come on, James. REPRESENT." They are now at the library and will probably be home soon. What a nice morning.

She is coming back next Wednesday. Yay!

eta: They just got home and she told me what nice kids we have. She said James was a really good boy at the library. She couldn't believe how nice he is to Ruby. awwww. (she's a smart girl) (I mean by praising my kids to me...moms like that stuff)


About Patrick's back...He hurt it pretty bad while playing with James yesterday morning. He says it is feeling somewhat better today and is being really good about not moving. He has only been up 2x since yesterday afternoon.

We were planning on going up to Duluth tomorrow but as sad as I am, I just don't want to leave him like this. There is no way he could come downstairs and get something to eat. He is really hurting.

James is sad about not seeing grandma & grandpa but I told him we will see them both soon. Right?!?


I'm putting some new pictures on flickr from our weekend. On Saturday I took Ruby to the farmer's market and to Capitol Kids for some new shoes. These are exactly what I was hoping to find and they fit her perfectly, but too perfectly. Her toe was right at the end. The 4s were huge so we will wait until fall to spend $35 on shoes. One of the pairs that Heidi loaned us were Tevas (same size that we lost) and they really fit her the best, along with the Robeez. I am thankful to have them and am guarding them with my life. (a bit paranoid now, probably for the best.) Ruby was so fun to hang out with. She is so easy going and seems so happy when we are out looking at new things.

James is in quiet time now so I will continue on a bit.

On Saturday night our neighbors started lighting fireworks at around 9:30pm. James had napped that afternoon (we all did!) and I heard that he was still awake in his room. I went and got him and the two of us layed on the end of my bed in the dark and watched the fireworks. He hasn't seen any for a couple years so he thought it was fantastic. It was also a full moon that night and the backyard was full of fireflies. It was really fun and cozy. Also, he was buck naked. He has recently decided to remove all clothing before bedtime and hasn't had any accidents for the last 3 nights. (fingers crossed) (he had been still wearing a diaper to bed, even though I can't tell you the last time he's peed in his sleep)

Our neighbors' cats have defiled our sandbox. I also spent part of my morning shoveling out poopy sand and there is still a lot more left. I'll have to go talk with them this evening. The cats had done this to our other neighbors' box and they bought a tarp for them and maybe paid for the new sand, as well. It's so gross. My kids love their sandbox, especially James, so this is a major bummer. We thought maybe they wouldn't find ours. Now, about that fence.... (haha)


  1. too bad about the cat crap
    I love you.....mama


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