waiting for the rain

Well, here I am at the start of another week. (and you, too!) I hope your Monday is going well so far. We've had a pretty good one although it would get a lot better if we actually got the rain they were predicting. We all went to the library (quick) and the park (long) and now Ruby and James are doing their afternoon things...napping and waiting to get out of his room. heehee.

Yesterday was a great day. We all got up and decided to try for the early (9:30) service. We just made it and I was so glad. It was one of those days where it felt like the sermon was totally for me. I love sitting in church holding hands with my coffee husband.

After church Patrick went home and the kids and I went to the zoo to meet my friend Angie who was in town. Angie's baby boy is 2 weeks younger than Ruby and her oldest son is 7 or 8. (forgive me if I'm way off, Ang.) Connar, the oldest, is a sweetheart and James loved getting to hang out with him. It was a nice morning and I was so happy to see her. Hopefully we'll get together again soon...maybe in early fall. Her sister Melissa is another one of my favorite people and she is with child right now...I can't wait to see her belly!

I brought the kids home after the zoo and turned right around to go back to Target & Cub, to finish up the grocery shopping, by myself! I also had to return that stupid sun shade to Target...CHEAP. We might try to order one more that we've heard good things about.

Last night Patrick brought the treadmill down to the basement. I love being able to watch stuff online while I walk and the monitor down there is really big. Netflix has that new Watch Now feature and CBS has tons of full episodes available. I'm sure there is a lot more out there, too. I watched Big Brother over the course of 2 nights and the first episode of the Office, the other. Patrick even used it last night! I'm happy it's getting some use and happy to be exercising again. I joined the local gym back in February but the child care hours totally conflicted with both of Ruby's nap times. I hope to get back there in the fall...especially now that she's at one nap a day, it should be just fine.

I have some cooking & dinner prep I want to get to now. There are a few new pictures on flickr from our weekend and this morning at the library.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Good for you and the treadmill!! That's great--and the shows should help the time pass quickly--which is essential! :)


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