Without further ado...

Here are my selections for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards...

  1. Ellen at The Grummy Files. For one thing, she is a sailor and we all know sailors rock. (sorry, I had to) I look forward to reading about Ellen & Sophie's day every day, as part of mine. I have to warn her, though, if she keeps writing so well about her darling little daughter, the whole internet is going to be in love with her. (if they aren't already.)

  2. Sara at Live Lightly. Sara & her husband just bought an RV, converted it so it runs on grease, are remodeling it cleanly, and plan on traveling around the country for the next year with their 3 year old daughter. Her husband wants to start a ministry in the process. If this doesn't rock, I'm not sure what does. I am thrilled to be able to follow along with their travels.

  3. Heather at oh my stinkin heck. I am quickly becoming addicted to her blog. With stuff like this, how could I not? Rock on buffalo girl.

  4. Darcy at Minnesota Mama. Darcy's blog feels like it's rockin' gently to me...I find it relaxing. I get a sense of peace & joy from her posts. Thanks, Darcy.

  5. Last but certainly not least, another favorite of mine, weezie doo & icey, too! This woman rocks in so many ways! It seems her number one priority in life is to be the best mama she can be to her girls. I love reading her insights about this path of motherhood. (And I get to meet her soon! Yay!)


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