15 months, 15 things

that I love about Ruby right now...

  1. She likes a long, leisurely morning nursing session. She lies there playing with my hair and staring out the window. I like when she wakes up a little before James so he doesn't have to witness this. (makes him kind of antsy)

  2. Her perfect little body. It's all just so soft and cute and kissable.

  3. That she tried to help James wipe his bum, with her bare hands

  4. If you ask her if she pooped she will pause and make a little grunting noise (I realize this may not be cute to anyone but me.)

  5. If you say, "no choking, Ruby", she will make a little choking noise

  6. She said yum for the first time at dinner last night. (pizza)

  7. I gave her a long hug today and she curled right into my neck and said thank you.

  8. She gives Patrick kisses and hugs before he leaves in the morning and then says "byebye dada"

  9. Yesterday morning she brought me the clothes she has on over her jammies in the picture. She handed them to me and started nodding yes.

  10. Her vigorous nods, usually used to answer important questions like, "do you want your pants on?" and "milk & night night?"

  11. How she wanted to sit on the potty the other night and then looked at me with big eyes and signed help.

  12. She loves to read and each book needs to be read twice in a row

  13. I took her for a walk and asked, "hand?" She put up her little hand and walked with me that way for the first time.

  14. She has kind of a deep voice

  15. She likes to make out with James in the morning and at bedtime. James used to like to do this with me at this age so I am happy to have someone else to share the burden.


  1. she is perfect, isn't she?

  2. She's awfully cute - I especially like her outfit...

  3. me, too. I am always thrilled to see her opinion coming out. :)


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