can I leave now, please?

I am so ready for vacation. In all senses of the word. Now that I am leaving tomorrow the minutes are passing excruciatingly slowly. James has been a beast since yesterday afternoon...super sassy and not listening to anything and in his room again and again for telling me no. Is he upset (deep down) that I'm leaving (with Ruby, no less) or is he just having a couple hard days that coincide perfectly with my vacating...making it all the sweeter?

Ah, it doesn't really matter. I am leaving in about 14 hours and Patrick will be home in 1. I am pretty much packed, just need to add my toiletries in the morning. I still would like to polish my toenails and file my fingernails. And switch Ruby's car seat into the car we are taking to the airport. That's about it!

We had our friends over this morning and it was fun. Chaotic, but fun. We are quite the procreating bunch.

Susan brought a little purple sweater over for Ruby that she immediately fell in love with. It has a cow on it, you see. Kate put it on her and she wouldn't take it off until after she woke up from her nap. Poor little sweaty girl. (we do have the AC on.)

Oh yes, Kate didn't like the Prestige at all. She thought it was mean spirited and she seemed a little surprised at how much I liked it. Lighten up, Kate! A little deceit, mental anguish and revenge never hurt anyone! (haha!) ;)


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