cut the's my list

I have a lot of little things on my mind today and you know what that means! A lovely list!

  • In a strange twist of fate, James fell asleep in his room. Ruby, however, spend 1.5 hours luring me in and out of her room to nurse, fall asleep, wake up when laid down, repeat. I finally called Patrick and he encouraged me to play hardball. I ignored her hollering for 10 minutes and she fell asleep. She was really hollering at me, too! Not sad, just irritated...I could tell by her tone. I'm sure James will be up goal was to have one cup of coffee in peace.
  • I went to the bookstore last night and had a truly normal me moment on the way home. Lots of times on my way home from some solo time, sometimes even on my way there, I start thinking about all the people in my life and everything I'm grateful for. I get all choked up and vow to call everyone (but never do) and it's all warm and fuzzy. That happened last night! Felt good. I am finding that I still feel like myself on these drugs. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it is just ME again. (not totally, but heading there...I can tell.) I still get crabby with the kids or miss Patrick...I still have emotions, thank God. I think I was kind of afraid that I wouldn't.

  • I love watermelon. This was lunch (with cheese and crackers) for the last 2 days.
  • I wrote down the titles of a some books on the NEW tables last night that I wanted to get from the library. I then sat down, opened up People magazine, and saw that 2 of them were on their new books to read page. Does this mean I should be a book critic? No, it just means their critic knows what the masses want right now...books with water on the cover art. Swim to Me and The Way Life Should Be both looked pretty good.
  • Patrick is going to the Simpsons movie tonight with a friend from work. Kate is going to the late IMAX Harry Potter showing. I might turn around and leave as soon as he gets home to meet her, if I'm not too tired. If I do go, be prepared for some whining tomorrow. And, feel free to remind me why my kids are being so horrible!
  • A woman from the mom's bible study that I go to at church called me. You know how I've joked about the flocks they put us in? Well, they asked me to be a flock leader! Obviously, they haven't been reading my blog. (haha) It's kind of a big commitment so I need to think about it. I am honored that they asked me. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for their ministry to us moms. I haven't had a commitment, other than my children, for a while so it might be really good for me. It also might be too much. I think I'm going to call Bonnie back and talk with her.
  • I finished my coffee. (big sigh of happiness) My life would feel a lot easier if I had 1.5 hours to myself every afternoon. Even when James is in his quiet time he comes out 2-3 times for snacks or potty or whatever. I think I'm putting a stop to that. He can pee beforehand and bring a snack in...if he comes out, I lock the door. There is something about his interruptions that ruin the hour for me. I need total separateness for a little while, I think.
  • I reintroduced James to the "cut the pickle......tickle/tickle" genre of games again yesterday. He LOVES them. We also do "cut the cake.....shake/shake" (not recommended for newborns), "cut the's a pillow" (throw pillow at his face), and "cut the's a hug." He wanted to play again this morning and Ruby joined right was pretty cute.
  • Alright, I think I should stop now. I am a little jittery (that coffee was strong) and I think I need some water. Have a good afternoon! xoxo


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