disaster averted

So I'm laying on the living room floor talking to Kate. James is watching TV and Ruby is playing in the kitchen. I notice, after a few minutes, that I am no longer hearing Ruby's chatter. I get up and look over the half wall. She is sitting on the kitchen table surrounded by straight pins. I say, "Ruby Harper!" and she immediately starts putting the pins back in the little dish I had them in. No pokes! Amazing. Thank God, that could have gone so wrong in so many ways.

See, I started sewing my carrier last night so my sewing stuff is all over the table. I have all 4 straps done and am going to stuff them with some fleece today for cushion. I hope to start sewing it together tonight. I am taking my time with this and trying to do a good job. I actually pressed these long straps before sewing them...made it so much easier!

Sometimes I don't want to try my best because I think it will be so much sadder then if I fail. However, once I actually start doing something right it feels so good. Typing this out, I see how this relates to a few areas of my life. Does anyone else experience this?

after waiting for hours and hours, edited to add:
Okay, nevermind. Me, neither! I was just kidding! (hahahhahahahahha)


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