don't worry, mom

Ruby is not sunburned.

When James was a little one I always thought he was getting burnt because his face would get so flushed. Well, Ruby gets flushed all over. Makes sense, I suppose, she is so fair. I'm sure it will take me another year or so before I trust that, though. She looked pink under the sun yesterday but was just fine after she woke up from her nap.

Over the week that we were gone Ruby started saying Thank you pretty clearly...tank ooo. She uses it in context, and even offers it up to herself when she's retrieved her own sippy or picked up her bear. She also started signing help (praise God!) more often, and eat. Yesterday she signed "help eat" to Patrick. She can bark like a puppy and has her own adorable version of a meow. More often than not she will tell me good bye after I lay her in her crib at bedtime. I love all of this little stuff...I know it will keep happening faster and's all just so amazing and perfect to watch.

My camera is charged and back in action but the cord is MIA. I do think I know where it is but moving the computer to plug it in sounds like so much work. And here I stop and admit that I sound JUST like my mother. I will go get that cord now and put some pics up soon. :)


  1. Glad Ruby wasn't sunburned! How exciting that she's starting to talk and sign--that's wonderful--for everyone. You're right, it is amazing and perfect to see. Enjoy.

  2. What a civilized baby, to say goodbye at bedtime. Sophie and I just had an hour-long screaming battle over going to sleep on her own. SO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. Jack gets that realy flushed look too. When he was a baby people always used to comment on his "sunburn," which drove me crazy! I am not letting him get sunburned people! He is hot. :-)


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