the elusive filter, or, middle of the afternoon rambling

middle of the night thunderstorm + middle of the morning benadryl = sleepy me

Okay, I'll admit I stayed up watching the Hills last night, too. (I won't watch again, though, over it. Just like the Scott Baio show...dumb.)

I need some coffee. I have this strange thing with myself and coffee filters. They keep disappearing into my kitchen. Seriously. I always put them away thinking I will remember they are here and then can NEVER find them. Did I really use them all already? They seem so plentiful that it doesn't feel like they will ever not be there. I'm sorry, ever so important filter, for taking you for granted. Now I have to take my chances with a cheap napkin. sigh.

I want a cloth, reusable one. Anyone have one they recommend?

Thank God for spell check...2 words in this post always make me nervous. Can you tell which 2? (but HEY! I got them both right today!)


  1. I think they make metal reuseable ones?? I don't drink coffee but I seem to recall seeing such a thing.

    I actually like the Hills. For some reason it is REALLY calming to me. LOL

  2. Ah, the coffee filter woes. Been there too--you are right about feeling like the large stack is infinite--then BANG reality hits.

    I took a Benadryl this afternoon and feel rather loopy too.

    I've never heard of a cloth one, though some makers have the built in filter.

  3. Good call, Holly. I should get one that needs no filters. Thanks. :)

  4. Oh, and hee hee to Sarah. Top Chef is relaxing to me.


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