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It never fails. By this time every summer I am dreaming of fall.

It's about 90 degrees here today. I'm not quite ready for summer to end, but I will not shed any tears when it does.

Here are some of my favorite things about fall:

the cool, crisp air
apple picking & eating
afternoon walks with sweatshirts
no more mowing the grass
baking bread
making soups & stews
of course, the leaves turning
did I mention sweatshirts already? I love sweatshirts.
LOST on tv
fall layouts in the beautiful
this year...preschool 2 days a week!
starting to plan for Thanksgiving & Christmas
darker mornings=later mornings
kicking fallen leaves

Alright, I'll stop there. As fall turns to winter, I get excited for that as well. Come mid-January, though? That's enough winter. That's when I start pining over spring and buying lemon scented everything. :)

Are you excited about fall?


  1. I love everything on your list, but mostly I cannot wait for the end of the mosquitos!

  2. NOT YET!!!!!!!!

  3. I too love fall but am just not ready for summer to be over yet. I think I will shed a tear when September is here just because I know winter is that much closer.

  4. I'm with you on everything but the sweatshirts. I have to layer: short sleeve, long sleeve button down, etc. I get too hot otherwise! So, the only sweatshirts for me are zip ups. So I can unzip and tie around my waist! LOL

  5. I am sooooooo ready for fall! It is my favorite time of year.


  6. I am ready to kiss 100 degree temps bye-bye for sure. I enjoy decorating for fall and Halloween too--though I usually start late.
    I wish TX had more distinct seasons.

  7. I love zip up hoodies, too, mim.

    It won't be long! (evil cackle to my mom)


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