happy sigh.

We had such a nice weekend!

My Dad got here Friday afternoon and we just hung around until we met Patrick for dinner. It was a gorgeous evening so we went to the playground for a while before heading home. James & Ruby were so happy to see their Grandpa!

My kids both slept in until 9:00 on Saturday. 9:00!! I woke up around 8:30 to find Patrick gone and James in his place, snoozing away. Downstairs, Dad had made coffee and Patrick was starting the bacon. Bliss. We just relaxed and ate and were finally ready to go around 11:30. But where? Ruby was actually acting tired again so I laid her down around noon and Patrick and I took James to see Ratatouille. It was his first movie in the theatre (we tried CARS last summer but it was too much for him) and he loved it. It's a really cute show, Patrick and I enjoyed it, too.

Ruby slept nearly the whole time we were gone and my Dad just relaxed on the couch. I felt bad that it was raining and we couldn't go do something all together but he said how nice it was to just relax for a day and that made me happy. (You can relax with us anytime, Dad.) He has been pretty busy for the last year.

We went out for a little walk when the rain let up and the kids had fun splashing around and looking for worms. After they went to bed, Dad said he wished we had a Dairy Queen in town. A few minutes later we were in the tbird heading down the road to the nearest ice cream stand. We came home and ate our sundaes in front of Ice Road Truckers. We had to stay up to see how another concept car would finish at an auction in California. I think it ended at around 11:00pm...at ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Holy cow! I told him that he better wear some Depends on auction day...just in case. :)

Today Ruby woke up at what we like to call the butt crack of dawn...6:30. Luckily, this is when my Dad is usually headed out the door so we actually got to say goodbye to him this morning. She went down for a nap around 8:00 (how odd, this sleep business) and James got up a while later. From here on it was our normal Sunday stuff with some walks, cleaning, relaxing, reading, returning rotten chicken, grocery shopping, and laundry. We never made it to church, sadly. (I love the late afternoon service but the danger is that it's easy to put off because the kids are out of sorts by that time of day.)

I've been wanting a comfy back carrier for our trip. I really want an Ergo but don't want to spend the money right now. I've always wanted to try a Mei Tei and I found a relatively basic looking tutorial online today. Patrick said he'd help me put it together this week so James and I went to the fabric store and I picked out some beautiful material...I can't wait to get started. (It's in the dryer as I type.) (yes, I broke my vow to buy nothing.) (I didn't mention that I'm not very good with vows.) (except the wedding type.)

I talked to my mom & sister today as they were headed to the Fisherman's Feast in Boston. Whatever. (haha!) I can't wait to join them! It's going to be a busy 1.5 weeks...here's a list:

To Do:

  • haircut

  • highlights?

  • eyebrow waxing

  • finish grocery shopping

  • pay bills

  • fill out preschool paperwork for wed

  • preschool meeting wed night

  • book group meeting mon night

  • pack

  • host playgroup tues

  • leave next wed morning...early

I hope you all had a good weekend and are feeling refreshed for the week ahead.

Thank you to everyone who stops by. I think it's really sweet that you would take a little time out of your life to read about ours. xoxo


  1. Did you ask your Dad how Tanya Tuker was? ;)

    Sounds like a nice weekend! Have fun getting ready for your big trip. It's exhausting work!!!!

  2. I love watching those car auctions, so exciting! Remind me when it gets here if we will be able to see your Dad's car on there, we will be glued to our seats.

  3. hey steph!
    I'm hooked up again!! Yay!! I have missed you so much!!!

  4. Sometimes relaxing weekends are just the best! Glad you got to spend some time with your dad.

  5. I love that picture of Ruby. She is fearless! :)

  6. Haha...he said Tanya Tucker was tuckered out...it was the end of her tour, I guess. :)

    I bet your list is twice as long, bb. Will you share it?

    Sarah - I will definitely let everyone know when my dad's car will be on the block. It should be televised if he's at Barrett.

    Thanks Holly! & Darcy - I love your new profile picture.


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