I've been hiding something.

No, not from you. From my family.

I have started hiding my toothbrush (from James), the staple gun (I love having one of these and I refuse to let Patrick lose it in the wilds of the garage), new batteries (2 boys=battery nightmare), and one good flashlight.

I felt kind of bad the first time I stashed something but now I have to admit it gives me a secret, happy feeling.

The same kind of feeling I get when I open my glovebox or purse to find the chapstick, pen or kleenex that I really needed.

Am I the only one? Do you hide anything? Come on...we won't tell. (or take it!)


  1. I hide the candies. I want to enjoy one in peace and quiet!

  2. Oh yes, how could I forget the candies!

    We hide our chocolate in the butter door in the fridge. James can't have chocolate so I don't like to make him feel bad, either. :)

  3. NO- but I should!!! I need to hide toothbrushes- my 15 mo. old LOVES toothbrushes and carries them around everywhere. I try to hide food but all 3 of my kids find it! Any good hiding tips??!

  4. Only one...my batteries are hidden in a plastic bag hanging off of a hanger in our front hall closet. They're right in between all the coats so they will never be found. mwah ha ha!

  5. what do you hide from your sweet mama mowanza??????????


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