it's morning already?

Good morning!

Er, kind of. Last night was one of those wierd, long nights you sometimes have with children. Ruby up, howling for no apparent reason, James jumping up so he doesn't pee in his bed...only to pee all over the bathroom floor (much easier to clean though, and we were so proud of him for waking up!), Ruby back up wanting to nurse, and I guess it ended there but it felt like it went on for hours.

I have a long to-do list today which hasn't happened for a while. I mean, I always have a lot to do, but today I have a list filled with pesky little tasks. (as Patrick calls them.) It's kind of fun because that means I'll get to check them off! hahaha.

Ruby is up so I must go fetch her. I will hopefully be back this afternoon!


  1. It's fun to cross off those pesky little tasks. That's so great that James is getting up in the night to go potty. We aren't there yet, still in a pull-up at night.

  2. Those pesky little tasks outweigh the importance of most of the stuff at work and label "important." Hang in there..

  3. James is in a pull-up, too. But he's only had an accident once during nap time so I could probably stop with them. But I know the moment that I do he will pee all over everything. :)


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