it's no wonder I'm tired

Eons ago, or last Friday morning, Rachel invited us to a gymnastics open house. It was a good time and James finally decided to try the big bouncy thing. He's come face to face with these a number of times, and has even gone in a time or two, but never really liked them. On Friday, he loved it and went through the bouncy obstacle course over and over. It was fun to watch. Ruby had a great time, too, and even ended up in the foam block pit once, much to my dismay. (Those things are hard to get out of. Kind of like getting back onto a jet ski in the middle of the ocean.) (oh. that's not hard for you? well, then nevermind...)

On Friday afternoon we got to meet up with Sybil, Matt, Iris & Eloise again. I just love them and am so sad we probably won't see them for another year. We met down on State Street and just wandered for a while, stopping to check out every spigot (for James & Iris) and every cute shop, like PopDeluxe, for the rest of us. After a while we met Patrick and ate dinner on the grass by the Terrace. It had been scorching hot but was starting to cool a little bit by this point.

We headed over to our favorite Library Mall fountain and James' dreams came true when he got to strip down and jump in. We've let him dangle his feet in the past but this was a BIG DEAL. (He wanted to go full monty but we caught him in time.) I think everyone that walked by secretly wished they were in that water...they were having so much fun.
After drying off we tried for a group shot of the kids. Shortly after this photo was taken they started throwing punches at one another so we decided to call it a night. I am SO happy we got to meet them all during their summer tour of Wisconsin. We'll miss you guys!

Saturday morning was taken up with fun activities like lawn mowing and cleaning. I escaped left at around 1:00 to finish my brown & blue swap (sponsored by OMSH) shopping. I also stopped at the bookstore & Trader Joe' was a really nice afternoon. Patrick had taken the kids to the pool and they returned a little while after me. Shortly thereafter, Kate & Natalie arrived and we walked over to check out our community picnic that was going on. I feel bad saying this, but it was lame. I'm sure the beer tent was fun but the food was gross and they didn't have carnival rides this year...just bouncy things that cost $2.50 each.

Patrick left with Ruby after a little while and Kate & I just let James & Natalie run around in the mud and play with garbage. Seriously. James cried for about 15 seconds when I told him we didn't have enough money to bounce and then ran back to the mud pit. They played with an empty Mountain Dew bottle for a looooong time and a piece of CAUTION tape was the entertainment for the first leg of the walk home. When we passed through the park there were tons of mushrooms begging to be stomped and I think they got every one.

Yesterday was full of basement cleaning, a car show in the town square for James & I (for the coolest cars he would say, "oooooh, grandpa would like this one."), some grocery shopping, church, another trip to the pool, and lots of sneezing and sleeping for miss Ruby. I'm almost happy it's Monday so we can relax a little bit. :)


  1. Wow, you've been busy! Hope you were able to get a nap in this afternoon!


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