lazy friday

After yesterday's madness I needed a little down time. I am just catching up on household chores today and enjoying the cool morning. Ruby slept until 9:30, bless her little heart. It seems like we just finished breakfast and it's time for lunch!

I think we'll go for a walk. I don't really want to but it is so nice out. I just want to keep drinking coffee and reading the Everyday Foods cookbook I got from the library.

Oh yeah. Ruby can say MORE now. She had been signing it but said it out loud this morning. We were making mini banana muffins and I gave her one chocolate chip to try. I turned around to put them back in the cupboard and I heard this little, urgent voice behind me, "moooooow." She is also making cow, puppy, kitty, piggy and sheep noises. She says apple, too.

Yesterday I told Kate how she put a scrap of paper in the garbage and then shut the closet door, just like we do. I told the story like it was the cutest thing in the world and we just laughed. She said she understands though...I can't help myself, I just think almost everything this little girl does is soooooo perfect. It's fun. (except the biting. the biting is not fun.)

I hope you all are having good's almost the weekend! Yay! Any big plans?


  1. Hopefully there will be a few decent yardsales tomorrow!


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