a little while later...

I typically keep my filters in that old coffee tin. See how empty and alone it looks? I managed to find a mid-level napkin in the pantry, leftover from a birthday party.

I am making the Sneaky Chef tacos tonight and needed some lemon juice. James loves to juice lemons and make lemonade. Ruby had to get up and help him, of course. Also of course, she had to take it to the next level. (literally)I am trying to keep her off of the table as this is quickly becoming a favorite hang out. Today I happened to have the camera on hand so I snapped a picture before I scolded her. My mom suggested the half wall would be her next challenge. I'm sure she's right.

This is my counter after 10 minutes of prepping my special purple sauce for tonight's tacos. It's made of spinach, blueberries and lemon juice. The spinach flavor really disappears into the blueberry flavor, like when I made the smoothies, so you are only left with a sweetness. I now understand why the Sneaky Chef cookbook has no photos. How could even the most brilliant food photographer make this look good? All I could think was MECONIUM. Menu Plan Monday: Monday: Meconium Tacos!


  1. Absolutely! Meconium! That horrible *hit they give us after a day or so...

    My 6 yr old climbs, always looking for food.... LOL

  2. Your little Ruby is very adventurous and not afraid of heights--eeek!

    I'm sure everything will taste delicious, sneaky sauce and all.

  3. It was really good. Kind of sweet on the first try but really had a good flavor. (you use salsa so this is key, I think.)


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