live from massachusetts...

it's me!

Well, here I am in good old Fitchburg, Mass. I can't even say how wonderful it is to be here. I miss Andrea more than I even like to talk about so this is such a treat for me.

Ruby & I made it fine...the Chicago-Boston leg got a little hairy once (haha - leg, hairy - haha) or twice but there were no major fits and we sat by understanding people. The one time I tried to get her to nurse (she was exhausted) she screamed like I was trying to poison her. That made me feel good. Then I thought they lost our suitcase and carseat but we found them, thank God.

My mom is here, too, and we've all been having lots of fun. We spent Wed afternoon & evening in Boston, were in Portsmouth, NH and Newburyport, MA on Thursday, around my sister's house today and are heading up Route 1 to York Harbor, ME tomorrow.

It's been the perfect weekend getaway. Patrick & James are having fun, too. They went camping Wednesday night and then up to Superior on Thursday. When I talked to them earlier today they were about to head out in onto the Lake Superior bay in a kayak. I am missing them but have been enjoying this time away too much to feel sad. Ruby has been having a great time. I have lots of pictures but will post them when we get home.

I've found that I never feel like posting much about a trip once I'm home. A few little things I'd like to remember so far...we all LOVE the mei tai, it is so comfortable and my favorite baby carrier to date, sitting at Andrea's bar tonight (she is a bartender/nursing student) drinking Wachusett Blueberry Ale and listening to Tom Petty, having Dunkin Donuts iced coffee available at every corner, the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and their Pumpkin Pancakes with Raisinettes, the 3 of us laughing hysterically in the car, over and over, ignoring my mom in the backseat (kidding mom!), Ruby flirting with Andrea's friend Chris and then laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes with a happy little sigh, Andrea's inability to leave the farthest right lane when driving, just seeing my sister next to me.

I hope you are all had a good week and are looking forward to a nice long weekend. (in the US) xoxo


  1. So good to hear from you! Glad you're having fun :)

  2. Glad your travels went fairly well with Ruby. Enjoy spending time with your sister, soak it up!

  3. Hey Steph! so good to hear from you!! Your trip sounds fabulous!! Glad you're having such a great time!!!

  4. Hey, jealousy! So glad the trip went ok!


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