oh, the day I've had

It's been a good day but full of nonsense as well. We went to Kate's house for playgroup and had a really nice time. It was so good to see my friends and just talk, talk, talk.

We came home around lunch time and I decided I better start working on my to do list, which has at least doubled in length in the last few days. See, I lost all the usernames and passwords for our online bill accounts. And it's time to pay the bills again. I also lost our car payment booklet. I try not to swear but really, WTF? I've had these things in the same place for the last TWO years. So, I began the tedious process of resetting and having to actually PHONE a couple places when it wasn't allowing me to do so online. I also boxed up my ebay sales and shipped 4 out of the 5, the 5th one will go tomorrow. (I made $50 last week...not a ton but $50 more than I had!)

I called and ordered a new payment booklet but before doing so I tore through my kitchen looking for it and went on a recycling rampage. Every coupon got tossed in. I love coupons but when was the last time I actually remembered them and used it?! At least a month, so they were all almost expired anyways. (I did save the diaper coupons because I do use those.) (I'm not stupid!) And that free wildlife calendar? Sure, I could hang onto it for another 4 months but tossing it in the recycling made me happy RIGHT NOW. Mounds of artwork? Gone. (yes, I kept a couple) Letter from insurance agent that I'm never going to call and check our rates against but really should? Gone. You get the idea. It felt good.

I loaded the kids up and we went to the post office and then to a soaking wet playground. The children played and got wet and James stripped down for the ride home. All the way down. I was buckling him in his car seat (carefully) and said we just had to stop by the store real quick. It took a second for that to sink in and his expression was HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I couldn't resist.

Oh yeah, guess who got yellow finger paint all over our living room carpet?
On a lighter note, I have gotten oodles of presents lately! First mim sent me my swap bounty. The next day we got a package from Jules laden with goodies. One of the gifts was this adorable outfit for Ruby that I am so excited to take on vacation:

Then, my neighbor brought me over some strands of beads that I had admired on her (she found me another one at JCPenneys...I didn't take hers.) :) and a jumbo CARS coloring book for James.
(Oh yes, I wanted to mention that James is always in his underwear because he strips down for his afternoon business and never gets dressed again unless we leave the house. He is normally dressed all morning.)

THEN, I get the mail yesterday and there were these ADORABLE t shirts from Sybil. Seriously, they are the cutest thing and I can't wait for my kids to wear them out in public.

(there are about 12 of these to get one like the one above.)

Now I am ready for Patrick to come home so I can continue my password changing and finish my mei tai! 45 minutes and counting!


  1. Oh, here I thought I was special for sending you presents! Aw. How fun to get fun mail!

    I love the picture of Ruby with paint on her face, too :)

  2. hi you guys.....it's so much fun to get caught up w/your boring life....we were at York Harbor, ME (remember?)yesterday, throwing rocks in the ocean :) and pulling apart old lobster traps that had washed up on shore (Annie had to use her knife to cut out the netting, but we got it!) Oh, did I mention the rooftop restaurant in Boston? No?.....well, nevermind. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH............I'm so funny.
    Do my children miss their Dramma? I know this is a blog and not e-mail, but who cares, right? OK, darlings....your carrier is magnificent! Good thing I taught you to sew (and cook), right? Kiss everybody from me, and call me later, ok? Love, mama


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