our weekend

We started out the weekend meeting Patrick at the playground with some Noodles for dinner. James slept in the van while the 3 of us ate and after he woke up, grumpy and starving, the kids had some playtime. The days have been hot but the evenings are cooling off nicely. Not a lot of bugs this year, either...because not a lot of rain! Until Saturday, anyways.

On Saturday morning we got up early and Patrick finished planting some stuff that had been waiting. We loaded up and headed to Devil's Lake under overcast skies. Surely it wouldn't rain, it had barely rained in weeks. As soon as we got there, it started sprinkling. We didn't really mind, though....It felt good to be a little chilly and the kids still loved the lake (Devil's Lake is so clean and has a nice shallow slope) and the 1,000,000 minnows swimming in it.

We let them play for a while and then had our lunch under a big tree. It started raining harder as we finished so we headed for home. I got to finish Harry Potter on the way up and an US magazine on the way home so I was a happy camper. (Really liked Potter, by the way.)

There was a huge thunderstorm last night and at some point James ended up in our bed. I had thought he had fallen back to sleep, in his room, when I got up to leave. Don't you still want to tuddle? he asked me. Come on, I said. A short time later I was downstairs feeding Ruby some yogurt and a bagel. She had fallen asleep at 6:30pm and woke up at 2:30 with a hunger that milk didn't take care of. After we had both tried unsuccessfully to put her down , I went in and asked if she was hungry. She started nodding vigorously so down to the kitchen we went. A strange night, for sure.

Today Patrick took the kids out for the day so I could put away the multiple loads of laundry that had piled up and just do some general cleaning. That was heavenly...no one talking to me for 7 hours. They had a fun day...went for a long walk, did some tree shopping, and to the local pool.

My side effects have all but vanished and I am definitely feeling better. I have mostly lost the ongoing sad mind set and generally feel fine with a bit of indifference thrown in for good measure. Not fine, like normal, but fine as in fine. You know? They say it takes around 4 weeks to get the full effect and I think this is a great start at day 5.

I want to thank those of you who have left comments and shared your story or support with me. I really, really appreciate that. I've been kind of amazed how many people I've talked with recently who have had or do have something like this in their lives. It's really good to know I'm not the only one. So, thanks for your honesty, too.

It felt really good to the cleaning done today but my closets are still all jumbled up. This same thing happened during the first trimesters of each of my pregnancies. I like to keep stuff relatively organized but can only maintain that when I am running at normal speed...things like exhaustion or what's going on now grind everything to a halt pretty quickly. I might try to get one a done a week. It's silly but I love to open up a neat closet. :) I have a feeling I'll be back tomorrow with a list.

James just came down to tell me Patrick was showing him how to open a combination lock without a key. They had taken the back off and I had to come up and look because it was so tool. Yes, B&E at 3.5 is pretty tool, isn't it?


  1. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I wanted to post a comment sometime last week, but life has gotten the better of me also.

    I also noticed a definite difference well before 30 days when I used an antidepressant several years ago.


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