Well, I scored some Zoloft this morning. This PA that I saw wasn't very comfortable with the whole situation...said it's not his area...but did prescribe it and I will also keep my appt. for next Wednesday with my primary. I really like her and am looking forward to talking with her.

The guy this morning kept glancing at my breasts every time he'd ask me a question about nursing often, etc. He mentioned Prozac at first but I had read that Zoloft has been found very safe for nurslings. I am barely nursing her anyways, so I feel pretty good about it.

I got a ticket out to Massachusetts for the end of the month, to see my sister. I was planning on taking Ruby but Patrick said I could leave her if she was weaned by then. He said it didn't sound fun, but he'd do it. HAHAHA. I kind of want to take her, though. I just have to decide. 5 days with no kids versus trying to wean her before she's really ready. Maybe we could just take a break, too, and get back to it when I return home. I feel like I'll probably take her but I definitely see some one or two night getaways in my future this fall. Christmas shopping in Chicago or Mpls anyone? I am overlapping with the end of my mom's trip to Mass & she offered to watch Ruby so Andrea & I can have some time alone. Thanks ma.

I am going to read the new Potter book for a while. I stopped in at the library last night and was so happy to find a copy waiting. I've also been listening to anybody out there? by Marian Keyes and have been enjoying it. I've loved a lot of her books but put off this one due to the sad subject matter. It's not that sad, though, and downright the beginning especially. There is a lot of swearing (the perfectly timed kind), funny Irish expressions and only a couple gratuitous sex scenes. It sure helped pass the miles on the way home.

If I ever charge my camera I will start taking pictures of the kidlets again. xoxo


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