spray parks are cool (get it?)

(photo by jlusher found on flickr)

We were planning on going to a pool this morning but Heidi called me at the last minute to tell me it was closed for day camp. We were just pulling into the parking lot of the new Super Target so it was perfect timing. Had Kate & I arrived at the pool and found it closed, the children would have been very distraught. This way I told James that Kate would find us another one and all was well.

We decided to go to a new spray park in Madison. I hadn't been there yet, didn't even know where it was exactly, and a lot of people I talked to were a little leery of it because of the location. It's right in the middle of a rougher area of Madison...not too far from Dig & Save, actually. :) We decided to give it a go and were so glad we did. It's pretty small but really nice with cold water spraying everywhere. It's kind of like the one pictured but without the water on the bottom...it's just cement with drains...no pool. There is a lifeguard on duty though, and he spent most of his time sweeping up the tire chunks they have under the new playground equipment. I will definitely take the kids there again...James LOVED it.

I had a bad headache and nausea most of yesterday afternoon, which is a common side effect when adjusting to Zoloft. Tylenol didn't help at all but the Advil I took this morning worked much better. The headache is very dull now and I'm no longer nauseous. This dose was a little easier on me.
I have missed my camera but the battery is finally charged. Maybe I'll be back in action again later on today. Unless Ruby is sunburned. Then you won't be seeing her for a while due to the severe guilt I will be suffering from. Oh, I wish I would have started these meds last week. hahahaa!


  1. i bet you're so glad you tried that water thing......it looks perfect. sorry you feel sick honey, it shouldn't last long. what do you mean about miss rubles havng sunburn????????did you neglect her? has she ben calling for her gramma? how about james? did you find his shoes? i know this isn't e-mail but i don't care :) tell patch-kit hi. i love you all xxxxxx

  2. That water spray park sounds ideal. We have one in our semi-area, I just need to get it together and go check it out, A. would love it like your James I'm sure.

    Hope you start feeling better as the days go by and your body adjusts!


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