these are really good

I've been eating these for lunch, with some cojack cheese, almost daily for a couple weeks now. They are tasty and filling and pretty good for you.

And, yes, I did crop the picture so you couldn't see my messy stove but could see my vintage tiles. :) (even though they are crooked.) (does that surprise you?)

We are off to playgroup for the morning!


  1. Oh yum. I've been looking for a reasonably good-for-you cracker to eat with cheese. Thanks for the taste test.

  2. I'm all about the cropping out the unsightly and leaving the cute--sometimes I don't end up with much of a picture!

    Those are yummy crackers BTW.

  3. Yum, all-bran crackers. Right. Riiiiiiiight . . . .


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