tuesday night at the races

It is so humid here. You feel like you're melting the second you step outside. It took all of my mom guilt working overtime to get me to take them outside last night after dinner. Don't you want to watch TV, I wanted to say.

They loved this but James was disappointed in his ride. I can push Ruby faster than the tbird battery will allow him to go, and he is still learning about steering so there were lots of grassy pit stops for him. One time, when we "won", he came running up and chucked 2 little pebbles at my legs. Nice. He apologized later but it was too late, he had already been disqualified.

Patrick got home while we were outside. He thought the Simpsons movie was just okay. I did go to Potter and loved it! I saw the IMAX version and the last 20 minutes are in 3D...so cooool!!!


  1. Those are some pretty cool cars and cute kids!

  2. What a fun race! Glad you got to see the Potter movie--IMAX would be cool.


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