unexpected gem

I wanted to write a post about all the fall magazines on the news stands and how it's killing me. Normally I would be buying a few of them for my trip out and then a few more for my trip home. This time, I'm packing stickers and board books.

While searching for September cover images I found this website.

I LOVE vintage advertising. I sold magazine ads on Ebay for a long time and still have hundreds in my basement...all sorted and in plastic sleeves. (I've been wanting to search through them for some Christmas gift ideas.) This website has tons of magazine ads scanned as well as their covers. Here are a few that I found, it's always striking to me how nothing really changes. People were just as interested in DIY and toddler activities 70 years ago. And this one sure looked familiar:

Has anyone read the new fall issues? Is there any one that you loved in particular?


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