What a luxury...another day with both kids napping! I put Ruby down for nap #2 at 2:00 and James in quiet time at the same time. Top Chef was on, I had missed it last night, so I had some lunch and watched TV. The dishwasher was going so I could barely hear James asking if he could come out...I just ignored him. By 3:00 all was quiet so I dared to open his door. Voila! I snapped this picture and hopped in my bed for a mini nap. I couldn't sleep so I've been wandering around enjoying the quiet for an hour.

Top Chef was good. I like Tom Colicchio more and more every season. I was kind of glad Sara left...she was kind of a whiner and a really poor sport this challenge. She acted a lot like I might have acted on a bad day. (takes one to know one!) Howie's attitude is getting pretty old though, too. And that sweaty face! That's got to drip into his food.
Ruby woke up kind of crabby this morning and was crying right away. James said she wanted to wear underwear, too, so this is what we ended up with.

She is signing HELP. As in, please help me get Bob the Builder off my bum.


  1. What a lovely photos.

    Isn't it great to have some quiet?

  2. i love this.......me


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