what a special day

(photo by drhunter on flickr)

We headed out this morning happy and excited. The sun was shining and there was a lovely cool breeze.

We went to the farmer's market and ran into Kate & Oliver. I was hoping we might see them, as they are there every week, but the market is huge so I figured we had a very slim chance. Yay! We found them almost right away and a few minutes later Kate & I headed off to find a muffin and made a plan to meet up with the boys after about 10 minutes.

The boys never showed. Well, Oliver did, with Natalie, but no Patrick & James. I left my cel phone in the car because I was short on pockets and for some odd reason Patrick used my keys when we left this morning. So I had no phone and no van keys, no husband and a baby strapped to my back. (I love my new mai tei...it is super comfy.) (even though Kate said I look like Princess Leia.) (better than obi-wan, right?) We just continued walking the square figuring we'd run into them eventually. We never did.

After a while, I parted ways with Kate & Oliver and tried to find a pay phone. People. Do you realize how screwed you are without a cel phone these days? There are no pay phones ANYWHERE (that I could find) and 3 businesses said I couldn't use their phone...me with a baby strapped to my back! It's so odd to have hundreds of people around you who you KNOW have phones in their pockets and you can't find a public one. I knew I should just ask someone and I finally did...a young college girl who was so sweet about it. I got a hold of Patrick and we finally were reunited. James did run about half a block towards me with his arms out...pretty cute.

So, our family fun morning turned into two separate jaunts around our state capitol. We went to the thrift store for a little bit and then came back home. (just found one little gift.) Patrick napped when the kids did and I am anxious for him to get up so I can leave for a while.

In other news, tomorrow is our 12 year anniversary. TWELVE years!! Our neighbor is watching the kids so we can go out for brunch...I'm so looking forward to it.

Let's see, what else? I did have a fabulous cup of coffee this morning. It's sad how a really good cup makes me realize what crap I drink most of the time.

Oh yeah, I remembered what I was going to tell you! Black Snake Moan is one of the strangest movies I've ever seen. I have always thought Justin Timberlake was a little girly man, and I still do, but he's not a bad actor. However, I cannot understand why women think he's so HOT. Yuck. Now, Samuel L., that's a good looking man.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you enjoyed your brunch and your entire day.

    Yikes about getting separated with a baby strapped to your back (good visual btw). Still, how neat to browse around a farmer's market.

    I'm so with you on JT, I just don' get the madness--though I like some of his songs.

  2. Hi Cousin,
    I am catching up because I have been away from your blog for a few weeks. I 100% agree with the J. Timberlake v Samuel L. thing. I laughed so hard when I read that comment:) I love you and miss you! Congratulations on 12 years of marital bliss.


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