57 things to know about my Dad

  1. He's funny
  2. and smart.
  3. He started his own business at 24.
  4. He has 8 brothers and sisters.

  5. He started out cute
  6. and stayed cute

  7. with a few rough spots in the middle.
  8. He files his nails while he watches TV at night.

  9. And likes to stop at the corner gas station for an ice cream cone.

  10. He's a good cook.

  11. He was so happy on this walk and ate berries off of a tree.

  12. He smoothed over a spat between me & Annie on this trip.

  13. He really loves this sweatshirt.

  14. He was a Marine.

  15. He loves me

  16. and Patrick

  17. and James

  18. and Ruby.

  19. He likes to have fun with James outside.

  20. He comes to see us a lot

  21. and always leaves reeeeelly early in the morning.

  22. He sends me flowers on my birthday

  23. and makes me cool stuff.

  24. He introduced me to Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash at a very young age.

  25. On my first birthday he wrapped my Baby Beans doll up in purple carpeting with a pink carpet bow that he made.

  26. He's generous.

  27. (and going to be a millionaire!)

  28. He's easy to please.

  29. He rocked a moustache
  30. and leather pants during that year.

  31. He loves Fanny Farmer mint candy bars.

  32. He's willing to try anything,

  33. even spending a week in a house with his ex-wife, just so we can all be together. (you both are awesome for this...xoxoxo)

  34. He loves to have James help him out in the garage

  35. and Patrick, too.

  36. He sends funny pictures for James and for me.

  37. This was the first time he met Ruby. He said, "Looks like you did it again."

  38. He's crafty.

  39. He drove all the way down here when I was one week overdue with Ruby, just in case I went in to labor that weekend and my mom wasn't here yet.

  40. He collaborated with my mom in giving me Andrea & Thomas.

  41. You know that Panasonic tape recorder I mentioned? They year they gave it to me he recorded himself talking to me on it, wrapped it, and put it under the tree. It drove me NUTS to see him but hear his voice somewhere else and not have any idea why.

  42. I once asked for a big bowl of ice cream and he brought me a mixing bowl with a tiny little scoop in the bottom.

  43. I love to hug and kiss him.

  44. He wears Chanel.

  45. He introduced me to Ebay in 1999.

  46. James' middle name comes from him.

  47. He bought my mom a charm when I was born.

  48. He had the wrong date of birth engraved on it.

  49. He recently bought me a new t shirt with the Italien on it,

  50. and sent me some candy.

  51. That picture up there is going to be on the COVER of a magazine very soon.

  52. I remember asking him if he liked sex when I was pretty young. I was in my room for a long time working up the nerve to ask him and when I finally did I just burst into tears. He told me he did like it and never let on if he was mortified, which he must have been.

  53. He's always willing to talk seriously with me about anything. (Do you still like it, Dad?) HAHAHA

  54. It wasn't as hard as I thought to come up with this list. (57 sounded like A LOT.)

  55. I hope to God he is 57.

  56. He forgave me that I forgot his birthday this year.

  57. He knows how much I really love him.


  1. I enjoyed your list--your dad is pretty rockin'!

    I love Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash too because of my dad. I listened to the Battle of New Orleans a jillion times growing up.

    You have way more nerve than I do though (#52 & 53). :)

  2. Sweet!
    You look a lot like your dad!!



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