dream on

(new friends, made in Japan, from D&S...no, mom, you can't have them for your shadow box. Love you!)

I keep thinking of all these things I want to write about but that dedicated writing time never comes to be. Instead, a list to get you all up to date with my thrilling life:

  • very happy today, heart full of happy

  • James' teachers told me how funny he was today...making them all laugh and teasing with them. He jokes around with us now in a new way...he is clever and teases us on our level. (the level on which we tease with him, so I guess it's his level.) Fun to be getting it back from him. (I will finish that long, heartwarming post about him soon, mom)

  • watched The Good Shepherd. I really liked it but dreamt spy dreams all night. Woke up feeling exhausted & suspicious.

  • made maple glazed salmon last night and my favorite roasted fingerling potatoes (with other veggies) I love fingerling potatoes a little too much, I think. Maple glazed salmon isn't hard...just drizzle salmon with real syrup.

  • Ellen freaked me out today when she commented on this flickr picture. I just found and bought that smallest mug thinking it would be perfect for James. The creamer is relatively new to me, too. I LOVE it. I love this old diner china. (I love a lot today)

  • The kids did great on Sunday at church. Patrick & I liked it, too. We laughed and learned more about God...how perfect is that?

  • I had all Sunday afternoon on my own. It was so nice.

  • Patrick dove 2 Lake Michigan wrecks on Saturday and really enjoyed himself. He went down 120 feet! It was 44 degrees down there...brrrr.

  • The kids and I had a really good day on Saturday. We were gone from 9-2 at the farmer's market (which James really enjoyed...all the fall veggies are so large and colorful), a playground, and 2 thrift stores. The afternoon hours weren't super fun (when are they?) but things shaped up at dinner time (James finally napped a little while) and were good through bedtime. But I did not finish that laundry. It's almost all washed now, though, and I should be putting it away right now.

  • I saw my friend this morning when we were picking our kids up from school. She brought home her twins 2 weeks ago. They aren't even DUE for another three weeks! It's amazing. They are so cute and still under 6 pounds but have really filled out since I saw them last on the first day of school. She said they are little pigs. :) We are going out to eat tonight and I can't wait to hear everything. Can you imagine 2 newborns?? OMG.

  • Before dinner I am going back for another visit with that psychologist that I didn't really like the first time. I don't feel like I have much to talk about so I don't really want to go. I should have cancelled yesterday, though, because they charge $50 if I cancel today. Guess I'll go. Maybe she'll surprise me and dig up some hidden damage that I can use against my parents and explain away everything that's ever gone wrong for me. You never know! I've never been hypnotized so I am a little excited. (KIDDING.)

  • Allright, I guess that's it for now. xoxo


  1. Sorry about the spy dreams--ha! I liked that movie too, well, anything with Matt Damon, except Ripley.


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