Good morning! I don't have much to say right now. Well, I could actually come up with a lot but James is at preschool so Ruby & I are just hanging out with our bad, runny nosed selves. We are still in our jammies and haven't eaten or had coffee, even. We sat on the couch and I watched the morning news while she nursed. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. It's a good day to be able to watch the news.

I don't have any beautiful words to reflect on what happened 6 years ago today. I am just remembering that day, the fear I felt while hearing the news that morning, and praying for the thousands of families whose lives were changed that day.

9-11-2001 was a gorgeous sunny morning in Madison. I was in our little apartment getting ready for school. What were you doing?

See you later, gators. xo


  1. Glad you had a peaceful morning. I miss morning news shows, too much competition from PBS and Nick.

    We were about to leave the next day for Las Vegas for a little vacation. Of course we didn't, and still haven't been. Someday maybe.

  2. I had just moved to Seattle that weekend. Since we were on the west coast it was really early here and my sister called to tell my roommate and I what was going on. Our tv didn't really work so we were sitting in front of a super fuzzy screen trying to figure it all out. It was so surreal.

  3. I can't believe it's been that long- I was in Chicago visiting a friend, who called to tell me to turn on the tv. I watched the second plane hit. I'll never forget it. My college roommate worked a few blocks from there- was late to work, as she was buying a birthday car. My ex-bf watched it from an elevated subway- watched the papers hit the windows of the subway. I was in NYC 2 weeks later to see them and will never forget the way the city smelled. My freshman year in college I walked the 150 blocks from Columbia to the WTC and vividly remember lying on a bench looking up at their lights. They truly were beautiful.

  4. It is so sad that there has to be another of these life changing moments in our lifetime, one that everyone remembers just what they were doing.


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