You know how I said I didn't want to leave the house yesterday? I wasn't kidding - I didn't even go out to get the mail. Today I decided to leave a little early and stop at JoAnne Fabrics before we picked up James. I got Ruby buckled and was about to jump in when I decided to go check the mail. I am so glad I did! Ellen had sent me a wonderful note & CD as a thank you for a little shirt I sent her Sophie. The CD is filled with excellent music and we listened to it right away. At one point Ruby was clapping along in the back. :) I love listening to music with my kids and this just made me so happy. Thank you, Ellen, you seriously made my morning. Giving a gift that you think someone is going to love is so exciting...finding out they do love it multiplies that feeling by 100.

So, there I was, grinning from ear to ear and so happy to go look at fabrics. Ruby quickly let me know that this wasn't what she was excited to do and I had better hurry up or things were going to get ugly. I managed to get a few notions (see how casually I throw around the sewing lingo?) before the wailing & gnashing of teeth began.

Now you all know how much I love Ruby. She is my little peach and all that crap. HOWEVER, she has had this bad cold and is working on the dreaded molars and is being not very nice lately. She has bitten James 3 times in the last 3 days and has done it in anger. She also likes to pinch him. And yesterday afternoon she came after me. James had just run by me (I was laying on the floor) and accidentally stepped on my hair, very close to my head. I yelled OW! and almost immediately Ruby booked over to me and tried to jump on my hair. !!! I think it's the reaction she likes because she always giggles.

When she bit James, hard - he had an immediate bruise, I said "uh oh" and put her up in her crib. She started screaming and James said to me, through his tears, "It hurts, mom, but she can stay down here." Awwww. But no, she can't. She is definitely too young to lecture or totally understand right from wrong (though she does know in some ways) but she is obviously old enough to understand cause and effect. I left her in there for less than one minute and have put her in again the other two times she did this to him. She didn't make a peep those 2 times and when I say "uh oh" and come at her she puts her head down. (playing submissive) Little stinker! (maybe I'll tell you about all the adorable stuff she's doing tomorrow)

Aside from getting beat up on, James has been busy startling me over and over by saying EXACTLY what I say. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ruby, I'm not going to play with you when you're acting like that.

Where's my flippin' shoes?

Ruby, when I say stay by me, stay by me!

Is this going to take forever?

(when offered a bite) No thanks. It sounds delicious but I just don't want any right now.

and my very favorite:

(to Ruby) I love you, little one.


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