I got this idea from not martha.

Today I am:

tempted to: ignore my kids and blog/read blogs all day

going to: turn off my computer again and get the house clean and the kids fed and the groceries bought and the dinner made (Our guest is bring a huge beef tenderloin so I just have to get salad stuff and potatos and dessert and bread and wine. I suggested baked potatos and Patrick said, "I hate baked potatos." Finally after 12 years he can let me in a little.)

wishing: that I had more of that homemade hot fudge from the party yesterday afternoon (will get recipe and share...it was so good! I know it had butter, chocolate chips, more butter, vanilla, and more chocolate chips.)

hoping: that Ruby's diaper rash will get better

thinking: what a nice time I had at Titus yesterday. It was really fun to go and not be the new girl like I was last year. Fun to remember other women and be remembered.

thrilled that: my genius sister got on MY FLIGHT from Chicago to Phoenix and the reverse! No way! We get to be on an airplane, alone, sharing magazines and talking. By ourselves. And then, in a hotel room, by ourselves. Hopefully, Thomas & Erin will be next door and my Dad right down the hall. God bless Patrick for letting me go alone and my mom for so graciously saying she'd come and help him out. Thanks, you two. This is so very exciting for me. Seester, you rock!

happy that: my knee is almost healed. It itches like crazy but the scabby area is diminishing daily.

admitting that: I better go and get started.

Have a good morning!


  1. you should change her diaper more often ............
    your mother
    i'm just so funny



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