I really don't want to go outside today

Well, the house isn't as clean as it was this morning but there are 48 little banana muffins up in the kitchen as well as a dozen of these.
Those pumpkin muffins are really, really good. I add one small chopped up apple and they made 18 normal size muffins and baked in about 30 minutes. Notice I made 18 but there are only 12 left? That's how good they are...we all love them. I also sprinkle the tops with a little sugar before baking so they get that good crunchy way.

I also managed to cut out my pillowcase fabrics. I had scored a large orange jersey sheet at D&S a while ago and had marked it for this project. Jersey is not easy to cut. I wonder how it will be to sew...this could end badly. It doesn't help that I have DULL scissors. I would like a rotary cutter & mat for Christmas, if anyone is paying attention. (my dad just gave a harsh laugh)

I don't have much for dinner so I think I will be trying this with mashed potatoes and green beans. I think it sounds pretty good. On Saturday night my family sat down to two cans of refrigerator biscuits with all the fixins. It was only going to be a snack but they were so good, warm, with sunbutter & jelly that we ate them all and baked up another can. Those ones we had with ham & cheese. Not the healthiest dinner I ever made, but probably the easiest.

It is close to 90 outside and very humid. I am hoping to avoid the outdoors at all cost today but my mom guilt may take over. I don't know, though. Yuck.


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