measure twice, cut once

Every once in a while you may have a little mishap when sewing. Don't be discouraged, storming around and hollering about the darn kids that wouldn't leave you alone for ONE MINUTE, be creative!

Top Ten Things to Do with a Pillowcase That is 2 Inches Too Short:

1. Decorative doily

2. Reusable garbage bag

3. Couch pillow cover

4. Festive sleeping sacks for the little ones

5. Non-absorbent dishtowel

6. Whimsical Art

7. Door Mat

8. Coffee Pot Cozy

9. Holiday Diaper Cover

10. Fun & Funky Carrier Cover


  1. Ha, this cracks me up.

    In all seriousness though, just add a solor colored border to the edge to make it longer.

  2. Good thinking, Sarah. :) I just may do that.


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