moving sloooooowly

Oh, the's baaaaaad. :)

I haven't even started unpacking our suitcase. I am officially out of clean shorts but the ones I have on will probably be okay for one more day. James may be out of underwear.

A lot of my to do list from last week got transferred to this week. Where it will sit until I regain some energy...maybe early next week.

I think I am catching up from the lack of sleep on vacation. Ruby slept with me and I was probably up 3-4x a night while she rolled all over whichever bed we tried that night. She also wanted to nurse because, hey, I was RIGHT there! Why not! I didn't feel tired while we were there...probably too excited. I also have PMS, which always makes me tired. And headachey.

It's hot out. We walked to the library and the park this morning and each got about 3 mosquito bites. They've been thick for the past few weeks because of the torrential rain we've had. Our main park has been closed for that long because our little foot bridge was under water! It's slowly receding but the park is still closed because the water is so high.

What else? Hmmmmm. Ruby's whole milk in a glass bottle from a local farm is DELICIOUS. Patrick is guzzling the stuff and I have to bite my tongue. It's twice the price as conventional milk! But, you know, it is soooo much better. This might be something else I have to make room for in our expanding food budget. (I myself had a glass with a slice of blueberry pie this good. Will buy 1% for us, though, we definitely don't need Whole.)
Well, this is all the boring I can muster for now. There is lots of stuff I'd like to post about the final days of our trip, hopefully soon. xo


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