my first decade

Idea from Mighty Girl & her book.

Year One: My parents were 21 when they had me. TWENTY ONE. Can you imagine?

Year Two: I remember being afraid to cross the monkey bars at a playground in California. This was also the trip where I nearly got hit by a car at a service station and the man who almost hit me bought me a Hershey bar from the vending machine. I remember a row of those molded plastic chairs that are attached to each other and a big front window. (is that a real memory, mom & dad?)

Year Three: My dad got me a Baby Alive doll. I can't remember the details but it caused a fight between my parents. I remember him walking in the front door with it and being so excited. I found this picture on Ebay and remember those little food packets perfectly. I remember being in my Grandma's basement and all of us feeding her and trying to get her to poop.
Year Four: I loved the 5th grader at the end of the block, David, who had a Doberman pincer. For the longest time I thought it was DoberMINT pincer and I was so surprised when I finally saw it and it wasn't green & brown like my favorite mint brownies from the Target bakery.

Year Five: My kindergarten room had paneling and pictures of the Letter People on the walls. We also had the inflatable letters and I loved them. I remember going into another dark room to get the crate of chocolate milks out of the refrigerator...this was a big treat and we all took turns doing it. During the summer of this year we went on vacation with my aunt & uncle. I sat on a large Stegosaurus one night at our campground with my Uncle Gary while he told me about the constellations. I also rode bareback on a horse with a Native American woman named Stephanie.

Year Six: My sister was born. I was in love with my first grade teacher, Mrs. Nechtaval, and Shaun Cassidy. I listened to him on my portable Panasonic cassette player. I went to see Star Wars with my little boy friend and either my mom or my dad sat behind us somewhere in the theatre. His name was Chris and he gave my C-3PO and R2-D2 figurines for my birthday that year.

Year Seven: I remember being in the backyard on a blanket with my mom and some of her friends. One of them, Dawn H., had curly hairs coming out of her swimsuit bottom and I didn't like it.

Year Eight: I started at a new school this year. My teacher, Mrs. Wagner, looked like she wore diapers. (she probably did!) I also remember her saying we were going to the lavatory on the first day of school and being very afraid. I loved Sunkist pop.

Year Nine: I got Blondie's Autoamerican for Christmas and listened to it on my Fisher Price portable record player. I also liked Billy Joel and recorded myself singing Big Shot into my trusty tape recorder. I found the lyrics in Tiger Beat.

Year Ten: Wrote my first story and recorded it with my friend Tya. We called it, "Paul's Passion for Maria's Knockers." First kiss (on my cheek) from Kurt Verville after lunch one day as he walked past my desk. I was wearing my Levi jeans with a crooked seam on the left leg and my Lee baseball style long sleeve t shirt.


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