the neverending story (of this day) (so I guess it has to end at midnight, thank goodness)

Well, hello, finally. I have been up for hours but have been so busy with these little kids that I haven't had a chance to post.

Thank you all for your concern over my kneecaps, shins and ankles. (you couldn't see them in the pic but they are scraped, too.) I did not wear the maxis at d&S. They had a regular first aid kit and gave me some large non-stick bandages and tape. The maxi pads were all I had at home, so that is what I used. And, Jules, I only have to change them once a day because they are super absorbent. (haha!) Actually, today I have regular bandages on because I left the house. I did wear my (knee) pads to the library last night and we all had a good laugh and it earned me a couple hugs as well.

My injuries are much better today and not nearly as painful. My darling husband drew me a bath last night (complete with a pre-hand scrubbing and candles) so I could soak them. The left one had black stuff throughout but it kind of rose to the top and wiped off. Sick, I know. I think it was tar because, well, it smelled like tar. I am also wearing capris today because these large white pads are like invitations to Ruby...Come, wee one, let's bring tears to your mamas eyes and a clench to her jaw!

My kids BOTH got up at 6:30 today. (whatever!) This resulted in us making PLAY DOH at 8:00am. I am probably the only mother who has never made playdoh, right? Well, not anymore. It was fun and easy and really works! I used this recipe, scroll down for the cooked method. I then decided, at 9:15, that we should hit the 10:00 story hour at the library. I'll fast forward through the next 30 minutes of running around and hollering.

Story time was fun. Upon arrival James told Katie the librarian that he would read his own books. She was crushed but managed to recover and was able to put on a good face for the other children present. Ruby just roamed around looking for trouble and stole baby dolls from the other little girls. James participated in the craft and made this darling elephant with the tiniest eyes he could find.


  1. That is one seriously cute set of kids and so clever - love the elephant! I will put the cranberry granola bars recipe up on my blog today.


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