oh, how I suffer

Yes, that's right. Me. I am the one suffering today. Let me fill you in.

We decided last night that I would go along to drop James off today, even though he requested only Patrick. He was fine with that this morning and was in a really good mood...very excited. He chose to wear his shortest t-shirt and oldest shorts but he was comfortable and that's what we wanted.

We dropped him off with no problems. His friend Zach is in his class and he gave him a hug when they saw each other and they ran off to play. He barely looked over his shoulder at me when I left. (I am expecting some more drama when we do this again next Tuesday...but it will be only Patrick then.)

Ruby had spilled water all over her pants so we headed to Target to get some household stuff and some new pants. I found her skirt from yesterday in the van, though, so the little brown pants will be going back. (not worth the $8) I wasn't sure what to do with our other 2 hours. We split a coffee while I thought...hmmmm...Dig & Save!

By the time we got there, this is what I found.
No problem, I just put her in the mei tai and we headed in. She was sleeping soundly and I was so happy to be back there after a month away. I realized I left my cel phone in the van so I went back out to get it...you know, first day and all.

After retrieving the phone I started walking towards the front door when I TRIPPED and FELL. Yes, with Ruby strapped onto my front I totally did a header into the parking lot. I managed to stop myself on my hands and knees so she didn't get hurt at all. (she did wake up, though. crap.) My knees took the brunt of it and are in agony. They gave me some first aid supplies inside dig & save so I cleaned them up a little but didn't really look at them until I got home. The left one looks like hamburger...it's so gross. I think there is parking lot embedded but I can't really wash it because it hurts soooooo bad. I washed them gently and put some bacitracin on them, covered with the largest bandage item I could find...two maxi pads.
I managed to hobble around d&s for a few minutes and found this little orange purse for Ruby,
this black one for myself,
and this 1958 Barbie which I just noticed had no feet. sigh. Maybe someone will buy her head? Maybe I can list them as vintage Barbie drumsticks?

Ruby was not in the mood for shopping so we left and went to a playground until it was time to pick up James. James didn't want to leave. His class is supposed to be 3-5 year olds but he's acting like he spent the morning with a bunch of sullen teenagers. He was scowling and silent on the way home, only speaking up to complain how he missed his teacher. He also wouldn't tell me what they did all morning. This is the face he keeps giving Ruby & I this afternoon.
He does occasionally break from this role with a giggle but they are few and far between.

I just took a couple vicodin advil to numb dull my self pain. The worst part of all of this is that Ruby wouldn't go down for her nap when we got home. She slept for another 20 minutes on the way and that was it. I'll be trying again at 3. James was yawning and fluttering his eyes but pushed through in a tremendous effort to make my life a living hell spend quality time with me.


  1. Isn't it amazing how we can shop, WITH INJURIES?

  2. Ouch.

    But the maxi pads are funny.

  3. Maxi pads on your knees! I'm dyin' over here :)

  4. Did you wear the maxipads while in d&S??? Is that what they gave you?

    I fell once with Mason..that's when I slipped the disc in my back. I'm sorry you fell. Ouch!!

    I'll be calling you soon!! Take care of those knees! how often do you need to change your "bandages?"

  5. I'm laughing after reading this post. The fall would've been so scary and I'm so glad you didn't show a picture of your actual injuries because they sound terrible, but the maxi pads cracked me up. I too am wondering if you shopped with them on! I also laughed that you actually still managed to do some shopping. Barbie drumsticks and that last picture of James....too funny. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow!

  6. hi stephanie!

    i followed a link from WFMW (i think i twas natural swiffer cleaning?) to your blog and i had to post on this one...i took recently, fell on my face and scraped the BEJESUS out of my knee (and also managed to do something quite permanent to my big toe) recently. i was the biggest wimp for a few hours folowing as it just plain stung for hours. and the healing took forever. but now, i can safely say, i'm healed and there's hardly a scar. :)
    i also blogged about it (ha!): http://www.smithical.com/PermaLink,guid,558e02a4-53a1-4bd8-8293-bcac8231e9e0.aspx

    i enjoy your blog. it's always good to read other mothers-of-preschoolers' blogs. :)

  7. Jesus, OUCH! I was just catching up and found this bit of awful babywearing! Oh the sacrifices yu make for Ruby. One day she'll understand . . . and James's sullen face- not that you make that expression, but he looks so very much like his mama in that pic!


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