oh, you guys

I have a wicked bad cold. The kind where your nose runs when you tilt your head down. Uncontrollably. Ruby has it, too. I am almost out of Kleenex. I must admit to using a baby washcloth and one of James' socks today, in emergencies. (my shirt is new.)

James had another great day at school. He wasn't very happy to see me at pick up time but didn't put up too much of a fight. His teachers all thanked me for the snack list & recipes I sent...the director had already printed & passed them out when I got there to pick him up. He doesn't seem to mind having a different snack at all, so that is good. Today he got to eat pretzels with the other kids and just have his own cheese while they had string cheese. Perfect. The two recipes I sent were my two best & easiest muffin recipes that are dairy & egg free and don't have any "special" ingredients. I will be curious to see if anyone makes them...they really are good!

I had a nice morning here with miss rubles. I did discover a couple things: She plays really well by herself and she gets into much more trouble when James is not around. I think when he is here she just hangs out by him...playing next to or with him. When he is not here she is into EVERYTHING. She got up on the table (nothing new, but still) and finished the yogurt he had left behind. She found a pen (one of my favorite fine points!!), pulled the cap off and destroyed the tip, getting ink all over. And, worst of all, she took that elephant he made last week off of my cork board and poked herself with the pin that had been holding it up there. She walked over to me with it, crying. (I know, what was I thinking?) There was no blood or anything, thank goodness. And this stuff all happened while I was within 5 feet of her, just with my back turned. She is stealthy. But, we had fun. What a nice change of pace.

After school we met Kate & Natalie at the playground. It was gorgeous today...66 and sunny with a nice breeze. Loved it!

The rest of our day was pretty typical. I finally got some more laundry done. (you should see my basement floor...it is a SEA of laundry.)

Oh yeah, the bookstore was so nice last night. I was only there for an hour and a half but it was just what I had been imagining. (I decided I was tired at 8:30...I am old.) I had a decaf pumpkin spice latte and read through a lot of the new fall magazines. I loved the Martha Stewart Halloween one, it has so many adorable ideas. (you can find a lot of them on her site, too.) I love Halloween now, more than ever. Last year James was a firefighter and Ruby his Dalmatian puppy. Oh, it was so cute. See:
Oh yeah, in gross news: My knees are healing very well, thank you. I still can't put any weight on the left one but it's all scabbed over in a very healthy manner. Our fruit flies have decreased drastically. I put a bowl of watermelon that they had overtaken in our garbage disposal and let it sit. A couple hours later I just turned the water on full blast and the disposal at the same time...it was a violent end for most of them. There are still a few stragglers hanging around but all the food is bagged up or in the fridge so they'll have to live off of whatever crumbs they can find. I expect them to be around for a while, quite honestly.


  1. That sucks about your cold! I was using cloth TP wipes last time I had one. They work well on Eloise, too :)

    I was going to tell you I got to use a tester epi-pen tonight at Iris's school's parent meeting and saw a real (expired) one used on an orange. Those things are crazy scary! The needles are huge! Anyways, I thought about you the whole time and what a brave mama you were and what a brave boy James was. And how scary that situation must have been.

  2. Aw. Thanks for thinking of us. They are scary, aren't they?! I hope I never have to use one again. (you are sweet)


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