But, really? I'm not feeling very emotional about it. Excited, yes. Sad, no. Tomorrow I might feel a little misty but right now I just feel happy. He is not so happy. Should be interesting.

I did realize that wow - I should get some snacks! And finish his paperwork! And there are still bills to pay! So this morning we are off to deposit funds, stop at Whole Foods for single serve soy milks (for when his little buddies have regular at school) and then meet some friends at the Zoo.

I am wearing some cute new flip flops that my sister passed on to me. They are black with a slight lift and grommets on the thong part. I am so cool. Surely some of her coolness will transfer to me through these shoes.

(psssst...have you heard about FitFlops? They have them now at B&BW...I kind of want some for next year. Then I will look like this, except with a child hanging off of each leg, heels so dry I can use them to scratch mosquito bites (kidding! hahaha!) and some unsightly veins.)

What other meaningless drivel can I share with you?

Has anyone read any of Stephen King's articles in Entertainment Weekly? He is so gosh darn funny...I always look for his column first.



  1. vSingle serve soy milk you say? Jack is on a 30 day dairy free diet, those would be handy.

    If this his first time at preschool day one will be ok, day 2 will be horrid and by day 3 things should start looking up. LOL

  2. I love all the stories of children I know starting preschool this year! Iris is, as well, but it's a continuation at the same school she was at this summer. It's so exciting!

    Make sure to take a picture (like I needed to remind you!)

  3. haha, mm. :) And, thanks for the advice, Sarah. :) I'll remember to hang in there.

  4. Forget the Fit Flops, just give me those legs please!


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