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Oh my gosh. The day has hardly begun and my blood pressure is already through the roof. Not really, but it felt that way for a minute. James has school this morning and let's just say it's not a smooth transition for the boys to get out of here on time. I held my tongue today, which I am very proud of myself for because I am not always good at this, and will talk to Patrick tonight so we can come up with a plan. James is so riled up on school mornings...he reminds me of a large puppy when he's like Patrick and I need to be on the same page in dealing with him. I would like my page to be in the shower but we will see.

Onto more exciting things, for me anyways. I finished one pillow last night! The orange fabric wasn't too awful. I wouldn't choose it for a project but it is working fine for this and is nice and soft for a sleep side.

This is super simple, my kind of project! I finished it in about a half an hour and that was with a couple bobbin tangles, the presser foot being loose, adjusting my stitches, etc. (it's been a while.) It got me all fired up and I could barely fall asleep last night because my mind was racing through ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts.

I've mentioned before how large our playgroup is. I think there are 10 now with most of them born in December and one each in Oct, Nov, Jan & Feb. (with all the siblings now there are too many to count...somewhere around 100) HAHA! That makes for a lot of birthday gifts. In past years I only got a gift if we went to the party (with a couple exceptions) but it's a hard time of year to make all the parties, too, so I never felt quite right about it. We talked about doing a combined birthday with name draw and that never got off the ground.

This year Heidi emailed all of us saying she loved all the kids but could really only afford to spend $5 each on them. Perfect! It was a sweet, simple email and I was thankful and relieved that she had sent it. So. Now I want to try and make something for each of them. There might be cute pillowcases in their futures. Or freezer paper stencil t shirts, or little tote bags.

There is also a slew of new babies that I want to have a little something for. We'll see. I got to see Ben, the latest addition, last week at the ice cream social but haven't held him yet because of my cold. He is such a little sweetheart and his mom is up cleaning vents one week later. :) Neelone had her tiny twins there, too, but I didn't hold them for the same reason. I have to say I am looking forward to cuddling these new little ones all winter while their moms have a chance to drink a cup of coffee. And there are 2 more coming!

I got Neelone's permission to post a link to her commercial here. That's right, her COMMERCIAL. They're famous! Her beautiful face is also on billboards all over Madison. I finally got to see one the other day, they look great, and just laughed thinking of my friends who saw them for the first time unexpectedly. How odd to be driving to work and see your friend's face 12 feet tall.

Ruby is up now so I am off to restart that mothering portion of my day. xoxo


  1. what's up with the back side? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah.......seriously, it's really cute :)


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