playing catch (up)

* It had been quiet in James' room for a while so I went up to check if he needed to be covered or was ready to come out. He was laying down and popped right up when I came in. I wasn't sleeping! My eyes were open, he said. I laid down with him and he was sleeping in about 5 seconds. (that's 2 children sleeping for anyone keeping track at home)

* Yesterday Patrick offered to watch the kids tonight so I am going to the bookstore. I am also going to stop at Cub so I can finish my allergy-safe snack list for any parents at pre-school who are interested. I am so excited to go out on this chilly, rainy evening. (I do wish Patrick was coming with me.)

* I have mountains of laundry and just went down to get started. I realized there was a load in the washer from Saturday. I HATE that. Hopefully a good Tide & vinegar soak will remove the mildew smell.

* We are infested with fruit flies. Seriously. It's sick. (going to google's what I found)

* I really want to make some birthday and holiday gifts this year, especially for our littlest friends. I think I'm going to buy bend-the-rules sewing by Amy Karol because it has soooo many neat projects. Maybe I'll buy it tonight!

* We had a really nice weekend. Patrick took the kids to Devil's Lake Saturday morning so I could get the house all ready for our guests. I blasted music and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Cheryl, Demond & Missy got here around 2:00 and we all just talked until Patrick and the kids got home at 3:00. James introduced himself to Missy by showing her that he wasn't wearing any underwear. Classy. Later he asked if he could sleep with her (she used his room) and if she would please wipe his bum. We think that he liked her just a little bit.

On Saturday, Cheryl & Missy drove to Green Bay for some football game and Patrick & Demond went back to Devil's Lake to go diving. The kids & I met Kate and Natalie at the mall for some playtime and lunch. They both napped yesterday too, and we went to Super Target when they woke up for dinner supplies. I must admit that I totally LOVE Super Target. I went in the not-Super Target last week and found it to be severely lacking and even a bit depressing. How fickle I am!

Grandpa Demond (what James called him) and the ladies (what he called them) left this morning. It was a quick visit but I felt better knowing we will see them in North Carolina in a couple months.

* Nice playgroup this morning. Lots of celeb gossip talk (poor Britney), coffee and treats. Us moms had a nice time, too. HAHAHA.



  1. Glad y'all had a nice time with your company--esp. James! How's the FF situation? Hope your knees are feeling better too!


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