Since I last posted I've: taken some advil, had a snack, sprayed the heck out of all my vacation laundry (thank God for & Ruby got some kind of dirty!), washed 2 loads of clothes and hung one up to dry, cleaned James room (with his help under threat choice of watching Mythbusters tonight or not), and put all my toiletries from suitcase away.

Whoa! Stand back, I'm on a roll!

Not really, I actually think I'm done for now. But I feel a deep itch to purge inside. As I look around my home I am mentally making a list of all the crap that's got to go. As soon as this weather cools off...


  1. It seriously takes me for-ev-er to un-pack from trips. It's the worst!

    So glad you're back and posting again :)

    My mom said the skeets were bad there, too. I am so glad to not be in WI right now!

  2. Thanks - it's fun to be back.

    Please don't even tell me about your weather in seattle - I bet it's perfect! Okay, you can tell me. :)


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