slow afternoon

My neighbor's niece, Jenna, was supposed to come over and play with James this afternoon but Rachel got roped into watching another little girl so James went over there to play with them. We are going to try switching James & Jenna back and forth on M/F afternoons because they love to play together. (Jenna is 4)
What's my point? James has been gone since 1pm. Lovely! Ruby's been napping the whole time and I have been busy with laundry. My hopes are to finally get caught up with it this weekend. The influx of vacation laundry was too much for me and I fell hopelessly behind, as I previously showed you. Much progress has been made. I am also in the process of washing all the kids' fall clothes because it got awfully cold awfully fast. It's gorgeous, though, I'm not complaining.
Speaking of clothes, this is one of my favorite dresses I got for Ruby last fall.
I am thrilled that it still fits her this year!

And, in case you're worried that you might not see it next year, I've already decided that I'm going to turn it into a skirt when it gets too short as a dress. (I put more pics from yesterday on flickr.)

As for our weekend, Patrick is going on his last dive of the season tomorrow. sigh. I know, the pity party just won't stop around here! I actually think we'll be fine. I can manage another day. I do have kind of high hopes for us...farmer's market in the morning and baking in the afternoon. James loves to help me make bread and I am in the mood for baking it...perfect! I also have to make 3 meals to bring to friends who have had babies, or brought babies home, lately. My hope is to have all of this done so I can go off by myself on Sunday afternoon to deliver everything. (I want to bring them some pumpkin bread, too. This recipe is really so good.) I also really want to get us to church on Sunday. I can't believe how long it's been.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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