sorry about yesterday

So, it's 6:20 and I just laid Ruby back down after nursing. She is up there saying no over and over. My reply? yes, yes, yes.

I'm not sure what was wrong with me yesterday. I sat down 4 different times, starting 4 different posts and I thought they all sucked. First, I wrote about this but then I realized that I didn't want him (?) on my blog so I deleted it. Then I followed in blackbird's footsteps and answered these questions on blogging. It felt incomplete and I couldn't think of a way to finish it so I saved it for a rainy day. A little while later I was going to post about making Halloween pillowcases for my kids. I know, right? My final blogging desire was to share with you the idea of creating collage cards from magazine clippings. Just in case you had never thought of it. Of course, I'd show you mine. y-a-w-n. (although I did love making those.)

Moving right along, then. It's been a busy, busy week.

Monday. Well, I can't really remember Monday. Did I blog on Monday? Sure, I did. It was just a good day at home. On Tuesday, James had preschool and we went to Kate's house afterwards for lunch. Tuesday was a very good day filled with many good things. Tuesday night I went to dinner with some friends and got to hear all about N's new life at home with her twins. I have such a soft spot for this woman and am beyond thrilled that she has her two little ones home now. They are all doing as well as can be expected. They are thrilled that they are home and healthy but exhausted, of course. I hope she will let me help her in some way.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget my appt. on Tuesday night. This woman gave me the all clear to continue on with my Zoloft without going back to see her. Unless I want to hear more about her son's wedding, of course. (not.kidding.) This is kind of what I expected to happen. Not that I have my life figured out but if I wasn't filled with angst before my depression set in and the drugs took my depression symptoms away then we're just back to where we started with the typical mom angst. I can usually hash this out with God, my husband, my mom, or my friends and feel better. And if not, I'll go back to talk to someone ELSE.

I was planning on staying home on Wednesday to get some things done around here. A friend persuaded me to venture out and we tried Dig & Save with our 4 kids on a WEDNESDAY. Wednesdays are half price clothes day (.50/lb) and it was NUTS. We managed to come out with a random little sampling of crap, all four kids intact, and proceeded to the park. The park was chock full of goose poop but other than that it was very nice.

Last night was the first book group. We met at a little bar on Main St. and it was all right. It's not exactly my demographic (stay at home mom with children under 4) but that's good...I'm all for broadening my horizons. It doesn't look like the book selections will be doing that so I guess something has to. HAHA! The first book is a Harlequin romance. Kind of as a fun ice breaker. Oh, Lord. We'll see about this. I am actually excited to get to know some new people in town, am never against having a beer and do like to read so it might be lots of fun. (After the Harlequin.)

Today is Thursday and James has preschool again. Ruby and I will be heading to the first Titus meeting at church to meet my new flockers. This afternoon we are going to an ice cream social to celebrate the kids starting preschool. Tomorrow we are having friends over for dinner so that means shopping and cleaning. whew.

Well, James is up now, too. I'll be back later. xo


  1. I'd like to see the answers to those questions!

    It's been that kind of week, hasn't it?


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