time to make the robots

Okay, I have to admit that a little emotion creeped in on the way home. James asked me if I'd make him something while he was at school tomorrow. Sure, I said, like what? Oh, just something special, he said. (did you hear me choking just there?) Any ideas on what I should make him? I was thinking of a cereal box robot covered in foil but only if I have time after I'm done running around the house whooping and hollering. HAHAHAHAHA!

It's hot out again but we had a very nice trip to the zoo. We also found soy yogurt on sale at WF...that was awesome. We spend a lot of cash on yogurt around here. Patrick is addicted to the Yoplait smoothies, we buy lots of soy for James, Ruby gets the whole milk baby yogurt and I settle for whatever is on sale. (martyr definition #4) Actually, I'm off of the yogurt train for a while, I get sick of it sometimes.

I bought James a case of individual chocolate soy milks and some plain ones, too. Parents bring the snack at his school and we can bring white milk, chocolate milk, or juice when it is our turn, along with a healthy snack. I must be prepared for those days when James can't have what the other kids are having. This breaks my heart a little but I think he's going to be fine with it. Oh yeah, my point was that those single chocolate milks are $1 per carton! And that was the case price! I might experiment with freezing single servings of soy milk and see how they are when thawed out. (cheep cheep)

In other exciting news, my librarian told me about a book group they are starting on the 19th with "fun" people. She told me so I wouldn't accidentally come. heehee. She said it's really for anyone, so there might be a few duds (HAHAHA - I am on a roll today), and I should come with a book I enjoy, not something that I think will impress people. I'm thinking The Highest Tide because I loved it so much and will obviously never let you readers forget that until SOMEONE steps up and says they've read it. ahem.


  1. You were on a roll there! Funny! I haven't heard of The Highest Tide, but am curious. I think a book club sounds awesome, and the duds add character and blog fodder. :)

  2. BTW, how did the "special treat"-just-if-you-have-time-robot turn out? :)

    Hope his day at school went well!

  3. Thanks, Holly. No robot today...maybe next week. (if I don't fall down again or something.)


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