unsure of how to handle this new freedom

I am finally out from under the oppressive thumb of laundry. (until Wednesday, probably) My kitchen is clean, my whole house, really, and the garage, too. (my half) I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.
I freaked out at Patrick for a couple minutes Sunday morning. It was my typical ranting about not being able to do everything and how these kids don't leave me alone FOR ONE MINUTE. I was over it quickly and then the teasing began.

S: Can you please grab the orange juice?

P: (with hands in air, palms up, just like I do) I just can't handle ONE MORE THING.

HAHAHA. He is a riot.

This continued until he offered (lying, it was my idea and he agreed) to take the kids to Devil's Lake until 4pm when I would meet them and take James to church. (Ruby has a bad cold.) They left at 10:30 and I spent a few hours around here doing stuff I really wanted to do...put laundry away, clean garage, etc. (The laundry avalanche started with both of our vacations and picked up speed when I began the whole fall washing/sorting/pack away/donate summer stuff. I'm so glad it's over. My kids pretty much wear their "fall" clothes all winter so this won't need to be done again until spring.)

I have been craving D&S ever since my short, chaotic Wednesday trip. I mainly stuck to the clothes bins and was rewarded with 2 sweaters for me, a shirt for Patrick, a couple things for Future Ruby, and a pair of (new) underwear for James. (I know, sick, right? but they are NEW and his favorite soft padded kind.) I had been feeling blue about fall only because I really liked my summer clothes this year. My fall clothes last year sucked and I wasn't looking forward to wearing them again. I am happier now because I've found 3 sweaters at D&S, got all those shirts & sweaters at Lands' End for so cheap, and have 3 pairs of pants that I actually like. Now I'd just like a new pair of shoes and I'd be happy for a while. I said I was going to splurge on these but now I'm not so sure I can.

Church was good except the singing went on for 30 minutes. (That is a long time, in my opinion.) James had fun and really has no problem with it now. Afterwards I picked up Ruby at Patrick's work and stopped at Super Target on the way home. Patrick joined us a while later. It is our turn to bring snack on Tuesday so I had to get provisions. I do have some baking to do today...4 dozen mini banana muffins. They are also getting mini boxes of raisins and apple juice.

I think I might get out my sewing machine and start on those pillowcases. I decided I'm going to put up Halloween stuff on the first of October so we can enjoy it for a while...we really have some cute stuff. (we have mini pumpkins already, who can resist those?)

There are some new pics on flickr.



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