I have such fond memories of last fall. Ruby was just a squeezable little lump of smiling goodness and James was still napping regularly. Ah, it was a good season.

And, oh yes, I started blogging! One year ago today I wowed blogland with my very first post...all about Magic Erasers. (I had since used that post as a place to store photos so this morning I restored it to its' former glory.) You can see the rest of my first month here, if you're interested. It will probably all be new to you unless you are my mom, my sister or Jules. :)

I don't have time to wax poetic on blogging but I will say that it has become such an important and fun part of my life. I love recording our days here and I love reading about yours. xoxo


  1. I agree. I have met so many good people through Blogland. Including you of course!


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