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(Ruby & James, all ready for the costume party)

I guess I'll start way back at last Thursday night. Our hero Patrick returned to us at about 7:30pm. James galloped around with happiness and Ruby quietly draped her body over his. They were all sleeping by 8:15.

The following morning was the morning of our Halloween party. Everyone needed a shower so I decided to save some time and bring all 3 of us in together. (daddy was still sleeping or I'm sure he would have stopped me) Let's just say there were lots of tears, mostly from James & Ruby. When it was all over though, James was standing by the door, wrapped in his towel, and said, "I liked that shower. That crying shower." (seriously. I know he's mine but this kid is witty!)

The bars I had made Thursday night (for the party) were crap. They tasted DELICIOUS before baking but then got all dried out, both in texture and taste, even though I had cut the baking time way down. They are crumbled up in my fridge because I hate that I wasted all that Sunbutter & honey. sigh. Anyways, I have no real point here except to let you know that another thing had gone wrong this particular morning.

We picked up some donut holes and a Cranberry Sierra Mist for me (good!) and headed to the party. It started out great. Almost all of us were there, there were lots of delicious snacks and the kids all looked darling. James & Ruby were in their street clothes but I was really fine with that. Vicki had suggested I draw mustaches on them and they could be their evil twins but I never got around to it. Hilarious idea, though. After about a half an hour my pet allergies kicked in and I knew I'd have to take some Benadryl because sneezing all over the buffet table was not in good taste.

I hate taking Benadryl anytime except when I can head immediately to bed. Every time I take it at playgroup I HATE IT, even though it works, and I now have a huge note on my counter to buy some non-drowsy Allegra. That stuff works and it doesn't make you tired...why haven't I bought some?! I took the darned Benadryl and proceeded to get very, very tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. It's hard for me to muster up facial expressions, much less parent, when I've taken that.

The next hour was a slow, painful blur. Ruby started to get tired & cranky but I wanted to stay so James could do the trick or treating portion of the party. As we started passing out treats, Ruby started screaming. She pretty much screamed for the last 20 minutes while I gritted my teeth and tried not to meet the eyes of my concerned friends for fear of bursting into tears. I finally had enough and hauled her out to the van. I was so mad at her but then not really, because I knew she was just tired and needed to sleep so then I got mad at myself and it was just one of those awful times. I went back in the house to get James who was thrilled and didn't seem to mind being hustled out of there so fast because he had a bag full of loot. I got him buckled and we took off for home. Ruby stopped crying almost immediately and fell asleep in about 2 minutes. I called Patrick to see if he was up yet and started sobbing uncontrollably on the phone with him. He just told me to come on home. James had never seen me cry like that (that he remembers) and was so concerned. I told him I was tired and that Ruby's crying had made me really sad. It felt so good to cry, I could have cried for hours, but I gathered myself together and drove us home.

Patrick had the bed all ready for me and after depositing sleeping Ruby in her bed I headed across the hall and crawled into ours. I slept 3 hours. Glorious. When I woke up I went down and curled up on the couch. Ruby had just woken up and was finishing a snack with Patrick. He made us a fresh pot of coffee and we cuddled on the couch until James woke up a little bit later. It was so nice to be back together again.


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you had a little breakdown--but seriously, you had a STRESSFUL week. Take it in stride, and it sounds like you felt better after a good crying jag--and a nap. :)

    Glad your fam. is back together!

  2. i'm considering letting our kids go trick or treating in their street clothes. i have no motivation for costumes this year!
    i wanted to drop this off for you - have you seen it before? a cute doll pattern called ruby! i'm going to try to make it for my niece for christmas...

  3. I think I love your husband. So sweet.


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